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May 9, 2019
A Pet Project

The union of two individuals is more often a union between two families. Family, includes our pets, that have been there for us through the rollercoaster called life. And there can be nothing more meaningful than having our pet play a special part for our big day. Thus, we conceptualised A Pet Project which features 5 furry friends alongside their amazing owners, hoping that our pet project (pun intended) will serve as inspiration for brides-to-be.

A shoot with pets is really like no other. While we usually have music — either jazz, pop or the likes — to liven up the atmosphere and set the ambiance, this particular shoot welcomed chirps, barks and the occasional meow. It was as though we were in a pet shop, a small one housing just two dogs, a cat, two birds and a bunny.

Here, we have Chanel and her two lovebirds. Birds are pretty mobile creatures and as we know, are not the easiest to photograph. Any professional bird photographer would tell you patience is the key. Thankfully, the pair were rather co-operative during the shoot. We love how Willy and Wilma’s colours blend in so well with the props and styling while still making them stand out in every shot.

This is Amelia with her dollop of fluff, Pancakes. As with every shoot, there are bound to be hiccups and mishaps. We were not spared. Pancakes peed on the floor and that drove us into a slight frenzy, quickly cleaning up and carrying on with the shoot.

This little bun is a natural in front of the camera, sitting so still in the basket of daisies for this shot.

Styling does not have to be extravagant. A hand bouquet for Vanessa plus a collared wreath of greenery and this little one is ready for the spotlight.

Hi-5! We love this offbeat moment of Vanessa and Lola, showing off the bond between them.

Next up, we have Charmaine and her frenchie. This is Wagyu, making himself right at home atop some suitcases. He looks so dapper in his suit, don’t you think? Dress up certainly isn’t just for humans.

Felines seem to always be doing their own thing and Mouse embodies that characteristic so perfectly in this shoot. We didn’t have to give many cues and Shuyu the owner was also directed naturally to look over lovingly.

Side note, the floral pieces were created beautifully by Oharaweddings. Can we all take a moment to admire them? Suitcaseweddings also had a huge part to play in this shoot providing all the props. From a lovely white wishing tree to this vintage sofa-chair here, each and every set-up was thoughtfully put together.

While it certainly was challenging getting the purr-fect shots, the unpredictability of these pets turned out to be the ingredient for memorable pictures. It was an absolute blast bringing the friendship and joy between each of the models and their furkids to life.

Check out the full set of photos here.

Makeup: Beautywkerin & Jennis Wong Makeup
Florals & styling: Ohara Weddings
Props: Suitcase Weddings
Photography: Natalie Wong Photography

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