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March 3, 2019
Bali Tropical Getaway with Melissa C. Koh

Bali is undeniably one of the most beautiful and amazing islands on the planet. With unbeatable scenery and an underwater paradise, one can almost be sure of it being one of their favourite travel destinations yet.

Together with Melissa Koh’s clothing brand; Runafter, the team was in Bali to shoot and celebrate the launch of their new collection, Summer Solstice. We explored and wandered around the island, opening our eyes to a trove of beautiful seascape and a melting pot of cuisines from around the world in the form of hipster cafes. We definitely returned home with lasting memories of the mythical island’s beauty, happy tummies and everyone a tad tanner!

Talk about a spectacular sunset. The ones in Bali never failed to disappoint and the sky was filled with a brilliant glow and a crisp circle every evening. The sunset made for an amazing backdrop and we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to get some pictures!


Our itinerary included the island of Nusa Pedina, a popular day trip from Bali. The ride there was bumpy as we wound down the narrow roads to the different destinations. The journey, though, was well worth the effort (and motion sickness) as the beautiful coasts and deep blue seas left us awestruck. We each did our own sightseeing and took a bunch of pictures.

We couldn’t miss out on trying the famous Bali Swing too and was surprised at the spectacular view. Situated 10m high from the ground, each swing brings with it an amazing sense of adrenaline. No risk no reward they say, and we agree. Not for the faint of hearts, Melissa bravely took more than 20 pushes on the swing just to get the picture-perfect photo. Nearby, we found a bird nest which inspired a series of cosy photos.

The first day also saw us heading to Escape Nomade, a tent sanctuary nestled in Ubud amidst green terraces and next to a river. What a fantastic location! The tents, furnished with vintage furniture, reminded us of an extravagant glamping trip and some of the tents even housed their own swimming pools. It is an extraordinary stay one should have at least once in his/her lifetime.


The next day, we made our way to Ulu Cliff House – a beach club over a cliff. The minimalistic touch of the club is complimented by rustic features such as hand woven rattan couches, creating the perfect summer vibe. In order to catch the sunrise, we started our day early and spent the morning shooting under the sweltering sun. The different rock formations reflected the golden morning light upon the shore beneath, making it an alluring sight for all to take in.

The next few hours were well-spent cafe-hopping around the island, all of them with amazing aesthetics and insta-worthy food.

Starting off with Cabina Bali, this cafe takes the dining experience to a whole new level! Our brunch was served on a floating tray while we took a dip in the refreshing pool. Breakfast in bed is now too cliché.

Another unique cafe was Motel Mexicola, a Mexican themed restaurant-bar with funky ambience and authentic Mexican food. WE LOVED IT. Here, the team grooved to the latin music played by the in-house band. We were all truly entertained and laughters and conversations were exchanged as the duo strummed their guitars and played the saxophone.

It’s all good, baby! At Remix & Co Cafe, A charming little cafe in the Seminyak region, we were treated to some delectable food and organic juices. Clean eating isn’t all that hard and the cafe’s done such a good job of turning local and organic produce into flavoursome dishes. Just look at the delight on Melissa’s face. The white walls and tiles complimented by splashes of greens and pinks came together to give off a simple yet homey feel — another photo opportunity we couldn’t pass on!

Throughout the trip, we bonded with Melissa and her team over wholehearted meals, nostalgic games, relaxing massages, warm suppers and hearty laughters! It was a truly memorable trip and we look forward to any collaborations in the near future!

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