June 21, 2019
Hong Kong with Jason & Isabella

Known for its jewellery parlours, be they modern or old-school, Hong Kong was Jason and Isabella’s choice destination to customise their wedding rings. Naturally, we decided to seize the opportunity and scooted off with the couple, embarking on the journey for the perfect ring (and with similar importance, picture-perfect scenery).

Being typical Singaporeans who love a good getaway, Hong Kong provides a good respite for us to indulge in our all-time favourite pastimes: eating and shopping. However, upon extensive research, we realised there’s more than meets the eye. Besides its urban dwellings, Hong Kong also has lush, verdant greenery that nests in the city’s backyard. Hence, we decided to balance all of these elements to create the perfect backdrop for Jason and Isabella’s photoshoot.

As the saying goes, 一日之计在于晨 (a day depends on its start), we set off early for our morning stroll to Shing Mun Reservoir. Along the way, we were surprisingly greeted by locals with cheerful “早晨”s (good morning in Cantonese) and well-wishes for Jason and Isabella. The gentle morning breeze was also refreshing, further lifting our spirits for the days to come.

Morning mist and barren trees cast a spell of tranquility upon the still waters, as we captured Jason and Isabella in this timeless moment.

We proceeded to Waterfall Bay, which is located at the southwestern coast of Hong Kong Island. Even though broken twigs and branches from the recent monsoon lined the path, this did not dampen our spirits. Jason and Isabella were determined to brave the road ahead for the perfect shot. The ever-flowing waterfall is no doubt the perfect testament to the couple’s ever-growing love for each other.

Choi Hung Estate is definitely no stranger to Instagram, so how could we give it a miss! The colours of the estate paint a beautiful rainbow, creating a modernised fairytale-like moment for Jason and Isabella.

On our way to Yik Cheong Building, we chanced upon an ajar stairwell door tempting us to explore the local dwellings further. Upon reaching the rooftop, we were led into a maze of draping clothing and antennas echoing flashbacks of old Hong Kong. Here, the shots didn’t come easy as I had to border on the rooftop ledge to frame everything together. Nonetheless, this endeavour proved rewarding as we managed to capture Jason and Isabella against an edgy background of densely-built housing flats and ground-level traffic.

Yik Cheong Building (more affectionately known as the ‘Monster’) was the next on our checklist. The towering residential complexes provided a cool urban vibe unlike that of Singapore’s. Capturing the ‘Monster’ in its full glory proved tough, but we particularly angled our shot to bring Jason and Isabella, as well as the ‘Monster’, into the frame.

On our last day, we decided to head to Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong’s highest peak, to watch the sunset. With rays slanting upon meandering hills in the background, we captured Jason’s and Isabella’s tight embrace, testimony to their commitment for a lifetime.

Under the setting sun, we took a stroll down Tai Mo Shan and headed back to a rooftop bar. A final “饮胜” (toast in Cantonese) calls a successful end to our Hong Kong photoshoot, but it’s just the beginning of Jason and Isabella’s lifelong journey. We wish them a blissful marriage ahead!