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September 8, 2018
Jeju, Korea with Ivan and Jacqueline (II)
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Seoul has been amazing but it was time to head on to Jeju! Jeju is known for its beautiful coasts, volcanic mountains and tea plantations. With that in mind, we were really excited to arrive, especially when spring was in full bloom.

Our first stop was O’sulloc Tea, a combination of wide tea plantation and a museum dedicated to the history of O’sulloc tea leaves. We wandered through an array of green tea leaves that were growing on a large widespread field.

Next to the tea field, we chanced upon heaps of blooming camellia. It was an unexpected surprise and we made an impromptu decision to stop here for another great shot or two.

Taking a quick break before we head to the next location, we dined at the tea cafe and ordered their speciality, green tea infused desserts! The cooling interior was a great respite from the afternoon sun and being green tea lovers ourselves, it was a relaxing afternoon tea break!

Next, we headed down to the foot of Mount Sanbang, just next to Yeongmeori Coast. The vast canola fields with the magnificent view of Mount Sanbang was the ideal backdrop! Ivan and Jacqueline were all smiles at the sight of brightly yellow colours that surrounded us.

With that, we ended the first day of our Jeju journey at the comforts of our beach view apartment.

Continuing our Jeju photoshoot, we started the second day at Seopjikoji Hill, with its vast fields spread beyond the cliff where you can watch the wave tides closing in. The famous All in House stood prominently on the peak and from it, you can view the whole seashore at a glance.

Ivan and Jacqueline, in their formal wedding suit and gown drawed congratulatory cheers from the passerby. Admiring the beauty of this island on the eastern shore, we spent the rest of our morning photoshoot here while battling the strong winds.

We continued down to Noksan-ro, in our continued pursuit of spring blooms. The stretch of canola flowers along the road was accompanied by the blooming cherry blossoms, with the gentle breeze carrying the fluttering cherry blossom petals in the air. We were ecstatic that we managed to catch the blossoms at their full glory, as the cherry blossoms on this street are known to have extremely short blooming period.

Sighting food trucks parked along the road, we took the opportunity to savour our lunch at this perfect lunch spot while being surrounded by the spring blooms. Honestly, we couldn’t have it any other way.

More cherry blossoms on our way to the next location!

Lastly, we got to Sayeroni Forest, a dense Japanese cedar forest that felt like a secluded sanctuary waiting to be discovered. This time, Ivan and Jacqueline opted for a casual dress and suit and we trekked through the forest with pine cones and cedar twigs creaking with every step. Spending a couple of hours here for the shoot, we also took the moment to slow down our pace and appreciate our therapeutic surroundings.

This whole trip brought us  a whole new perspective of Korea and we hope Ivan and Jacqueline had as much fun on this trip as we did. Cheers to beautiful new memories while we celebrate over a feast of Jeju’s famous black pork bbq.

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