August 11, 2018
Seoul, Korea with Ivan and Jacqueline (I)

Our incredible month of March began with meeting Ivan and Jacqueline for their pre-wedding shoot. All of us were excited to land in Korea, a country with beautiful scenery, exotic history and vibrant culture.

Seoul greeted us with a slightly chilly weather since it was the early start of Spring.

We began our pre-wedding shoot at Gyeongbokgung Palace, the biggest palace situated in the heart of Seoul. Said to be the one of the most beautiful palace throughout Korea, its was the perfect location for us to start our journey. The grand palace’s intricate architecture and decoration is a definite feast for the eyes.

We selected a few iconic locations and while we were shooting, we were delighted when the Japanese tourists, decked in their beautiful hanboks, decided to join in the fun.

Just as we were about to leave, the best thing happened! We were so lucky to have caught the enacted parade of the Royal Guards as they escorted the royalties and their attendants around the palace.

Continuing our historical experience of Korea, we travelled an hour to the outskirts of Seoul and reached Yongma Land, an abandoned theme park filled with nostalgic 80s vibes. A blast into the past, Ivan and Jacqueline showed us their inner child with  smiles on their faces. We definitely witnessed the cheeky side of Ivan as he kept teasing Jacqueline on the various rides!

Seoul has been amazing for all of us but it was time to head on to Jeju for its beautiful coastline and volcanic landscape!

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